Family Donkey Walks

What to bring
  • Comfortable sensible footwear (no open toes)

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Drinks and refreshments

  • Picnic if you're staying afterwards

  • Camera

  • Smile

A fantastic opportunity to get in touch with nature and spend time in the moment.  No technology, no stress. Just good old fashioned fun. Engaging in green activities is proven to improve mood and well-being and is supported by the UK's leading mental health charity MIND. 

Donkeys are gentle and intuitive animals they do not pass judgement or answer back so make the perfect walking companions.

Walking with Donkeys

Green Health

We invite you to visit us...

Grooming and pampering

Start by getting to know your donkey while we talk you through some basic grooming techniques

Donkeys loved to be groomed and as they relax and enjoy it so will you.

Basic handling techniques

Before we set off we'll talk through some basic handling techniques which you will have the chance to practice before we set off. Don't worry they are normally pretty well behaved.

Guided walk

Once you have spent time getting to know your donkey you will be taken on a guided walk through the farm and into the countryside beyond.  

The donkeys like to take a leisurely pace so perfect for those little legs.

Adult only sessions

Special evening sessions for adults only.  A chance to unwind and get away from it all (and the children).  Stay afterwards for a sunset picnic in the paddock.